Monica Vidal

Signature photographer Monica Vidal is one of our finest.

Monica’s photography has been shaped by some of the country’s most recognized industry leaders. Coupled with her deep knowledge of art, theater and fashion, Monica will put your family at ease, keep smiles on your faces and deliver a level of photographic excellence that will exceed your expectations. Monica personally oversees design and preparation of all finished albums produced at Washington Photo.  When the album is created with her images, you can only guess how much time and detail she’ll put into your families’ memories.

Monica has won 5 ISES Gala Awards in the past 8 years for Best Team Event Photographer as well as Individual Commercial and Social Photography Merits. Her artistry, dedication, attention to detail and logistics put your event in the spotlight to be PERFECT! Monica is a favorite of Washington Talent bands and MCs because she never misses a shot or a moment.

Monica is involved with several significant trade organizations such as ISES (International Special Events Society)NACE (National Association of Catering Executives), The Board of Trade and Destination DC where she has been recognized and awarded for her photographic talents.


Monica Vidal was wonderful to work with! Not only did she keep my children engaged during the family portrait sessions, but they actually enjoyed it! The quality of her photos surpassed my expectations! Monica is all smiles and has a very calming effect during what can be a stressful planning time. She is very responsive by phone and email and is on top of all the details. Monica is one of a kind and I will use her for all my future events!

–  Jennifer

You were so wonderful throughout our time together!

You have a way about you that is calming and instills confidence that we are in good hands.  You ‘get it’ and seem to be able to understand the situation and the dynamics early on.  You were so patient with everyone, young and old alike, even when I knew we probably made you want to scream.  You even managed to get Jake to come back to the pictures despite all of us yelling for him!  The few pictures I’ve seen have been absolutely beautiful (and between you and me, much better than last time).  We look forward to seeing all of them.  Thank you for sending us some.   Thank you also for the beautiful picture you printed up for us from the Shul pictures.  That was really kind of you to present us with that.   Although it is hard to believe we have Sophie’s Bat Mitzvah to think about, I know that having you there for another Mitzvah is a definite in my mind.  Thank you again for everything and for having a hand in making the weekend so wonderful.   Take care!

– Warmly, Tracy

We love the album! It’s beautiful! I want to thank you for working with me and making it so perfect …you helped make one of the best nights in our lives magical.

Hope this will be a wonderful year for you & yours…Please feel free to add us to your references.  We would be more than happy to recommend you!

– All the best, Roya


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