LIGHTING makes us “feel” when we enter an event space, Furniture & Decor give us a way to enjoy and remember why came to the event. 

Event Lighting



Color themed lighting for your event. Walls, columns, ceilings, and doorways.
Battery powered LED or A/C Powered.

Pin Spots

Delicate lighting instruments skillfully aimed at key parts of an event to highlight something. Table centerpieces, buffet, signage, event walkways. Can be mechanically or magnetically attached to ceilings, or mounted on pipe with bases around the event perimeter. Poles can be covered to match theme in most venues.

Intelligent Lighting

A great add to any event, and compliment to uplighting & pinspots. These lights can be digitally controlled, and programmed to create amazing effects. Intelligent lighting always has an on-site techncian.

Non-Intelligent Lighting

Sound (audio) activated lights, or static, these instruments can change to the beat of the music, or remain static.
No on-site technician.

LED Dance Floor & Walls

Lighted 3'x3' cubes that can be built to create any size floor, wall or facade Static colors or digitally controlled


These state of the art indoor sparkulars generate COLD SPARKS! This means no fire, no heat, no smoke! Get ready to blow your guests away at your next event!


Our MegaBots stand 9 feet tall, and are full of digital and extremely bright LED Lights from top to bottom! MegaBots are perfect for introductions, a mid party pick up, or a way to end your night with a bang!

Colossal Stage

Number of cubes: 38 cubes colossal plus (50 cubes) LED Front Board Up-Light Color options: You pick 🙂 # of Up-Lights Used: Between 20-30 lights Size of each cube: 2 x 2

Confetti Cannon

Enhance your event’s atmosphere with confetti that can be customized to your liking. Choose one, two or three “Confetti Experiences” for your event, lasting about 2-3 min each time.

Haze & Fog, What's the difference?

Fog is similar to smoke which is a thick white cloud of particles; it makes it hard to see and can cause breathing issues.

Haze is a clear reflective water particle. It reflects beams of light without any of the aforementioned problems.

We only use Haze!

Vertical Truss are set on the stage or floor and stand up right (Column).
Custom Gobo:
A unique graphic, pattern or name, projected thru a special light in order to show on designated area.

Adding event lighting can dramatically enhance the ambiance of any event. When set properly, lighting can emphasize and direct attention to specific areas of interest as well as set the mood for your event. We compact wireless/wired LED lights, which provide bright, brilliant colors while using very little energy. We offer a variety of lighting options to fit your event needs. Complete the contact form to receive our latest packet with additional detail




Furniture Flowers Bars
Pipe and Drape


Whimsical & Magical”, “Contemporary & Chic”, or “The Rustic Farmhouse”, whatever your imagination can dream up, we can bring to fruition. No ideal is too big or small when planning your once-in-a-lifetime event! Our unique furniture selection will be sure to set your event apart from all the others!


Nothing pulls your decor and furniture together like the perfect distinction of a unique bar. With a wide array of bars in our inventory, or whatever custom creations your mind can conjure up, we have the perfect solution to tie in the aesthetics for your cocktail presentation.


Flowers can be much more than simply ‘elegant’! The perfect arrangements can add fire to your tables, provide a soothing aesthetic to your chic affair, or they can add a level of class that simple centerpieces or decorations just cannot achieve on their own. Pair beautiful arrangements with the right linens, chairs, and cutlery, and your event will be the distinct event it was always meant to be!


There is one secret that is universally known in the events industry: “In order to transform a dull and/or boring room, the secret ingredient is Pipe & Drape”. In order to temporarily paint your venue into a masterpiece, the simple, yet elegant solution is to Pipe & Drape.

More Decor Options: