DJ Rich

For over 10 years, Richard KranichDJ Rich“, has been immersed in the Wedding Entertainment business as a musician, DJ and consultant. When Richard is not blowing guests away with his talents as a Drummer/Percussionist with the Handsmiths, he can be found rocking dance floors for Washington Talent as a DJ/MC for chic weddings up and down the east coast. 
DJ Rich has vast experience having worked on cruise ships, high end DC clubs, and 1000’s of special events & weddings. His presence and charm give him the upper hand when it comes time to making those special announcements that can be butchered by lessor professionals. Richard believes playing music just isn’t enough, hyping up the crowd and influencing an event to the next level is what he prides himself on. A DJ should be comfortable engaging guests, have a mastery in selecting the appropriate song for the right moment and enjoy every second of his performance; this is what you get with DJ Rich
Music, he has it all! Sure, he can play Top 40, but when it comes time to heat things up with Latin, EDM, Hip-Hop and other genres, Richard has much more than the basics and classics. His knowledge and passion for the music allows for him to transition form the popular to loved but forgotten tracks that make your guests say “OMG, I haven’t heard this song in years… it’s my favorite!”. To us, that is what entertaining at a wedding is all about; sophistication, passion and satisfaction. 
When booking DJ Rich, you will have the certainty of knowing that he can supply much more than just your reception sound and a few dance floor light fixtures. A former sound engineer, Richard has the expertise to provide multiple microphones for the bride/groom/officiant and sound for your ceremony, along with extra music for your cocktail hour. These items can truly make an impact on the overall experience your guests have on your special day. 
Ask to speak with DJ Richard today in consideration for wedding reception and see for yourself why this DJ talent is hard to find anywhere else!
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