You’ve undoubtedly spent an inordinate amount of time and energy preparing for this once in a lifetime event. It’ll be over in the blink of an eye, and you’ll want to remember your experiences as well as all the details you might not even have noticed. Years from now, you’ll recognize how very priceless the sights and sounds of your loved ones during this special moment truly are. Our professional videographers use their creative eye to know when and where to be in order to capture those memories. Just because your friend can record your event doesn’t mean they should. Not only will your quality and content suffer, but your friend will miss out on your wedding experience.
Washington Video gives you not only incredible experience and artistry but does it at an incredible value. We’ve been in business for over 40 years, and you can rest easy knowing your big day is in good hands. All of our packages include an exciting, emotional highlight that’s perfect for sharing and reliving your day, at a price that won’t break the bank. We approach every single event with the individualized care and attention it deserves, making one of a kind creations reflective of you.
We take a very unobtrusive approach to capturing events, and frequently our clients mention they’re amazed we got the shots we did because they don’t even remember seeing us there. With so much going on, the videographer will seamlessly blend in to preserve your memories.
Absolutely! Our packaging is a base for understanding the services we provide, but we encourage our clients to build a package around their needs. If you want something you don’t see, just ask. In addition to working with one of our agents, you can also speak to our operations manager who can provide details specific to your event.
Documentary footage includes individual files of all of the major events from your reception IN THEIR ENTIRETY.These are specific to your event so they will vary, but some examples include: Introductions, First Dance, Welcome, Toasts, Special Dances and Performances, Cake Cutting, Bouquet Toss, and Interviews (if requested).The documentary footage also incorporates a décor & food segment, as well as a general dance segment ( multiple songs) that often includes guests at their tables. Every time you relive your big day, you get to choose which part of your party you watch in full HD!
You’re welcome to choose your own highlight music, though we ask for that information by the time of your event so it doesn’t slow the edit process. Most of our clients opt to have the editors choose the highlight music that best fits the footage. Frequently, though not always, the first dance or introduction music is used because it’s clearly a significant reflection of the guest(s) of honor.
Our 3-4 minute single song highlight focuses mostly on the guests of honor. Upgrading to multiple songs allows more time to include friends and family while simultaneously allowing a different feel, where high energy and humorous footage can be included. If you’ve got a big dance crowd or the videographer is there all day, the 6-8 minute highlight is really the way to go.
Our two camera coverage is captured by one videographer, unless otherwise noted. The second camera is generally set as a wide shot during your ceremony to ensure the best coverage and an interesting, smooth edit. Consider adding a second videographer for larger events as well as a wider variety of shots, but a single shooter can cover most events effectively for a cost savings. In a pinch, your money is better spent by upgrading to the 6-8 minute multi-song highlight or including more hours for getting ready footage.
Getting ready for your wedding is such a BIG part of your wedding day and this footage adds tremendously to the emotional impact of the video. Plan on having the video start at least 30 minutes before you expect to put on the dress. It allows your videographer a chance to get beautiful detail shots of the wedding dress, shoes, jewelry and hairstyles while also capturing the comradery with the bridal party and intimacy of moments like first looks or gift exchanges.
Absolutely! Starting with our Dream package you may choose the videographer you want – at no additional charge. If you have no preference or if you book a different package, we will assign one of our regular staff videographers to your event about 7-10 days out. They will contact you typically the Monday or Tuesday before your event (after you’ve had a chance to work out your schedule). If you need to speak with them prior to this, we can arrange a meeting/phone call/email or if your videographer has not been assigned yet you can speak with the operations manager who can handle any questions.
Yes! In fact we have traveled around the country, and even as far as Aruba capturing special events. The cost of travel, accommodations, and incidentals will be added to your package rate.
We know you’re excited to see your finished product, and we strive to get it to you as quickly as possible. During our busiest times of year, it can take up to 8 weeks to complete your edit but generally it’s completed faster than that. Keep in mind that our digital distribution of your edit means as soon as it’s done, you’ll be getting a link that you can instantly share with family and friends near and far.