Amy & Brian

Bolger Center


 I just have to second what Brian says (even though his message is from me tooJ I am truly blown away.   I cannot stop watching, crying, laughing at the videos. I feel like I experience my wedding over and over again.   It completely encompasses the day, the emotion, the happiness that Brian and I felt,  and the fun!!!!!  We are starting to share with family right now and I can tell you my mother is one happy lady.  

 I am on a wedding blog and all May wives are sharing their pics and videos.  None compare to ours.  I am so happy, so impressed and so proud. 

 Thank you so much!!



To both of you from us

We cannot thank you enough. Jeff filming and being so professional and Dawn editing this into so many awesome areas of footage, words cannot say how pleased we are. The highlight, the ceremony, the performances, intros, speeches and so much more including dance sets and closing, so much more than I expected. The true value from true efforts of great people like you both.

Our many thanks!! Can never say enough.


Amy and Brian

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