José Rodríguez

About José Rodríguez: Capturing Timeless Moments Through the Lens

I’m a passionate photographer with a journey that began when I was just 12 years old. Watching my brother Ricardo navigate the world through his camera lens ignited a spark of curiosity that evolved into a profound passion for photography.

My creative passions don’t stop at photography alone. I’ve fostered an unwavering love for graphic design, a realm where I find resonance in crafting logo designs and shaping brand identities. There’s a shared language between photography and graphic design, a dialogue that thrives in visual storytelling.

Jose, we will definitely write Alison. Also, I just wanted to tell you and I will share this with her as well how much we appreciated you. You had such a great personality to deal with the kids. You were a very easy person to be around and we are just really grateful for your energy and how you worked with everybody that night. we have just been so tired the past few days, so please forgive us for not reaching out before hand to tell you. But will let Alison know as well. Thanks so much for being a part of the night. Can’t wait to look at the photos. Thank you!