Photo Montage

Typically, the Bar Mitzvah montage video lasts between 6 and 9 minutes, and consists of photos from many different part of the child’s life, each with its own music and “feel” brought together in a video that will have both grandparent, siblings and his/her/their friends cheering!

Birth/Baby, Toddler, Family, Camp, School, Friends, Sports.

We offer packages from $750 to $4500, which can also included screen/project rentals, video walls and more.




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Photo Montage FAQs

The pictures numbered in the order you prefer (see How should I organize my photos).

Titling info (beginning and/or end). First names or Logo are most common, but it’s your choice.

Music requests (see Music section below).

Materials should be delivered at least 4 weeks prior to event in order to ensure sufficient time for editing and so you can review before the event. When this is not possible, we need to charge additional for a rush service as we need to add editing capacity.

Most montages are about 100 images and 7- 8 minutes long. A mixture of static and images moving across the screen is used; sometimes multiple images may be on the screen at once. The editor determines how best to incorporate your images.

We use all the images provided unless it’s mutually agreed that an image does not work for whatever reason. Music is typically parts of songs and the editor chooses the best part to fit within the context of the edit. If you have specific ideas please share these at the start, and we will work with you.

If you have prints – drop them off. Or at least use a trackable service to send.

If everything is digital – use Dropbox/Google drive or another file sharing service or save to a USB stick. Given the size restrictions, email is not a good solution.

Upon completion we will provide a link to view & download your video (provided balance is paid in full). This video will be an HD video file and can be shared & saved as needed.

Once we complete the edit, adding (even one photo) or making changes will result in additional charges. Corrections that are our fault are no charge of course.

Most people will organize photos either chronologically or in groups. Chronologically of course gives you the ability to see the progression over time. Groups (early years, family, sports, friends, etc.) allow for music choices that go with those images and the possibility of ‘group names’ (counts as 1 image each, though most people do not do this).

It is preferable to use one song for every 20-30 pictures (so 4-5 songs for 100 images). Too short and it becomes ‘choppy’, too long and the montage ‘drags’. Music is a highly personal taste, and while we can give you suggestions, we want this to be meaningful to you. Try searching ‘songs about mother & sons’ or ‘growing up’, family, etc. for ideas. If you pick something we feel is inappropriate we’ll let you know. We may ask for you to provide a song if it is difficult to locate, but this is rare.

We can do many other things with your montage for an additional fee such as:

Insert video clips from your own videos.

Put words over pictures/videos.

Add a voiceover to your video.

Organizing Prints

Please number your pictures. We cannot accept your photographs if they are not numbered!! You should number with a ballpoint pen on the back (NOT a felt tip- it will ruin the photos!) If you need to insert

pictures afterwards, insert them as 24a, 24b, etc. . It’s always better for us to scan original prints if they exist than for you to do them.

Prints can be different sizes – 4×6 is typical, but smaller and larger sizes will work too. Images should be no larger than 8×10. If you print yourself, use photo paper – regular paper images look bad.

Organizing Digitals

Do not use iPhoto to organize pictures*

Digitals should be in a photo format (JPG) and at least 720×480. Smaller images (some cell phones, older files, low quality scans) may not look good on the ‘big screen’. PDF scans; Word docs, etc. and file sizes under 100kb often are poor quality and should be avoided at all cost.

It is imperative that digital images are saved as the picture number (Smith024.jpg, Smith025.jpg, etc.). Anything else will make it impossible to properly order your pictures. Using your last name for reference and 3 digits for numbers will ensure they stay in proper order. We need to charge extra if we must take time to determine the order some other way – and it can create confusion.

The best method is to create a folder on your computer. Copy the images you like into this folder from wherever they exist. Review the images (use a thumbnail view and /or print out a low-res ‘contact sheet’. Delete what does not make the “final cut”. Then rename each image according to where it belongs (Smith024.jpg, Smith025.jpg) – the computer will then show them in the proper order. If you must add an image after this, name it “Smith024a.jpg”.

*While iPhoto gives you an easy way to drag images in the order you want it unfortunately will give you a disk with the original filenames in folders based on the date it thinks it was taken - all your hard work will be for naught.