Green Screen



Green Screen

Green Screen Event Photography, where Professional Photographers give you instant gratification.

Unlike a photo booth, A green screen photo station (not-a-booth) is run by a photographer with an assistant to create timeless images in a fun and exciting environment using professional lighting, backgrounds, proper posing and a lot of personality. Green Screen Photo Stations are not only GREAT entertainment, but the best bang for the buck when you consider how many people can have images created, get a print or email, and back to your party in the shortest amount of time. We are really good at what we do and stand behind our work 100% of the time.

Photo Booth with a Green Screen vs. Green Screen Photo Station? The best way to explain it is like buying gas in New Jersey, Oregon or the town of Huntington, New York – ALL Full Service vs. Self Service gas stations everywhere else.

A Photo Booth is self service, you push a button on a box, it takes the photos. A Photo Station is Full Service, run by a photographer who can quickly create a great photo with an amazing personality.

Sample Photos