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How are your photo booths different from other companies? How much do they cost? Are photo booths for kids and adults?

These are all great questions, most of which are answered below. The most important thing to know about photo booths and photo stations from WTA, are that they’re designed, built, managed and operated by the professional photography department, here at Washington Talent.

Nearly all our local competitors are either carnival companies, DJs, florists or ma/pa businesses. We own and operate more than 30 different novelty products and as some may say, “we answer to a higher authority.”

Washington Talent offers a large variety of event novelties and entertainment options, including photo booths for weddings, mitzvahs, galas, festivals and corporate events throughout Maryland, DC and Virginia. Below are detailed examples of our most popular novelties.

Photo Booths

Photo booths are a popular addition to any event, allowing guests to capture fun and memorable moments with customized prints. All our photo booths come with an atttendant and props.

Green Screen Photography

Green Screen Photography never gets old. Guests can have their photos taken in front of various backgrounds & custom logo step & repeats, adding an extra element of creativity to the event. The best bang for your bucks. Comes with a professional photographer and assistant. GS is often used for corporate and social activations.

Mirror Booths

Magic Mirror Photo Booths are interactive entertainment that offer a sleek and modern design, complete with touch-screen technology and customizable animations. Comes with 1 or 2 attendants, props and printer in most cases.

GIF Booths

Animated GIF photo booths allow guests to create moving GIFs, instead of traditional photos, adding a fun and dynamic element to the event. Comes with an attendant and props in most cases. Great for activations.

Human Slow Globe

Adult and kids alike can create amazing memories and incredible photos inside a human snow globe.
Their not just for
holiday parties!
Comes with 2 attendants, photographer and props in most cases.

ROSIE the Robot

Rosie in an interactive, fully functional robot roaminer photo booth. Incredible entertainment for corporate events, weddings, mitzvahs, fundraisers and galas. ROSIE also makes any activation more exciting. Comes with attendant. ROSIE delivers real-time digital files and has an optional printer too.

360 Photo Booths

Unlike standard booths, 360 photo booths capture panoramic views, allowing guests to move around and interact with the camera to create stunning, full-circle images. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, and parties, these booths provide a unique way to capture memories and entertain guests. With their ability to produce shareable content for social media and customizable features, 360 photo booths are a must-have attraction for any event looking to leave a lasting impression.

Customized Giveaways

Washington Talent Agency (WTA) can also provide customized giveaways such as branded merchandise, hats, sign, boa's, or personalized gifts (swag) for guests to use in their photos from even more fun!

These event novelties and entertainment options can add a unique and memorable touch to weddings, mitzvahs, and corporate events in the Washington DC area, ensuring that guests have a fantastic time and leave with lasting memories. Most of the areas finest and most trusted party planners, come WTA when finding the right products and services for their clients.


Essentially, a photo booth is a self-serve “box” with a camera in it that takes your picture. Though we provide a technician with every booth, it is self-serve in nature. A Photo Station has a photographer and a technician that provide a more upscale, professional image and most images per hour.

Great question. Different options are available depending on which Photo Booth or Photo Station you book. Almost every option allows guests to text and/or print their images, some also allow AirDrop or email sharing as well!

Yes! You will receive a private gallery link with all of the photo booth or photo station images taken at your event within 7 business days! 

Of course! We provide a curated collection of props for every event that leans towards your event. If you are having a wedding, our props are more wedding-focused; a Bar/Bat Mitzvah will have more family-friendly options, and a corporate event will have signs that are workplace-related! Props are always included but can be opted out of if you choose not to have props! If you would like custom-made props or theme-specific props, we can discuss that for an additional fee.
No problem at all. Photo Booth graphics and overlays for Photo Stations can be customized with logos, monograms, and words. We will be in contact within 2 weeks of your event to discuss any customization on your images. 

We sure do! We actually have 3 different types of 360 Booths and they’re all super cool and different! Our traditional 360 Spin Booth is a platform that can hold 2-3 guests and has an open-air feel to it. Our Trackstar 360 is an open-air track system that allows 6-10 people. We also have our Inverted 360 Booth that can come in our LED Wall Enclosure (as pictured in the link), or as an open-air option as well! If you have any questions about their differences, we’d be happy to walk you through them all.

Yes, and no. 360 Booths fall under the “Photo Booth” umbrella but aren’t technically photo booths. 360 Booths take 360° video and can add cool special effects. Because this takes videos, these cannot be printed for guests. Videos can be shared by text, email, and AirDrop. 360 Booths are great additions to any party, but remember to keep your guests in mind. Many guests like walking away with a printed copy of their image, which you’d get from a traditional photo booth or station.