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DJ Lance should be a clear choice or your wedding day if experience, poise, and professionalism are things you know are a must!

DJ Lance, a veteran at Washington Talent, is ready for any event, at any location, and for any purpose. With over 500 successful events under his belt, Lance is not just an event professional but a passionate and dedicated career DJ.

For Lance, being a Disc Jockey transcends a mere job—it’s a fervent passion and a chosen career path. Like a true artist, he takes immense pride in his work, continually refining his skills to rank among today’s elite DJs. His voice’s power, emotion, and character stand out as unparalleled in the industry.

A key component of a flawless wedding is the DJ’s ability to tailor the reception to the bride and groom’s vision. Lance’s meticulous preparation includes a thorough discussion to understand and bring to life your vision for your special night. On your wedding day, your sole task is to revel in the moment, leaving all else in Lance’s capable hands. He goes beyond playing music; he collaborates with your party planner, caterer, photographer, and videographer, ensuring you can relax and savor peace of mind. Planning your wedding with DJ Lance ensures not just an event but the creation of a cherished, lifelong memory.

Lance - Mitzvah DJ

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