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Chaos - DJ

DJ Chaos is the man who has been keeping the beat for the AP3 Elite and many other WTA MCs

Expect nothing less than energy, style, poise, and passion from this exceptional entertainer. Chaos brings a charismatic and magnetic personality that shines under the spotlight, essential for capturing and holding the audience’s attention during those pivotal moments. His quick wit and spot-on humor are innate talents that set him apart.

Chaos offers immense value as an all-around entertainer. Not only can he masterfully emcee, but he’s also adept at dancing, DJing, cracking jokes, and even performing magic—yes, magic! His versatile skills make him an excellent choice for breaking the ice and keeping the energy high at any event.

A rising star in the realm of social event entertainment, Chaos’s presence is a game-changer. We are thrilled to be the exclusive agency for his bookings, offering you a unique opportunity to elevate your event with one of the industry’s most dynamic talents.