Basic Lighting Terminology


Colored lighting for anywhere. Walls, columns, ceilings, and doorways. Can be led or standard light.

Pin Spots

Light shot down on centerpieces to light them up. Either hung from ceiling, or put on poles around the perimeter; poles can be covered to match theme. Based on venue.


Sound activated lights. These lights can only move to the music. On/Off. No technician on site.

Intelligent Lighting

These lights can be controlled, and programmed. Changed to whatever the client needs. These shows come with an on-site

Difference between Haze and Fog

Fog is similar to smoke which is a thick white cloud of particles; it makes it hard to see and can cause breathing issues.

Haze is a clear reflective water particle. It reflects beams of light without any of the aforementioned problems.

We only use Haze!

Vertical Truss are set on the stage or floor and stand up right (Column).

Custom Gobo – Pattern or name, or anything created to project light pattern on designated area.

Adding event lighting can dramatically enhance the ambiance of any event. When set properly, lighting can emphasize and direct attention to specific areas of interest as well as set the mood for your event. We compact wireless/wired LED lights, which provide bright, brilliant colors while using very little energy. We offer a variety of lighting options to fit your event needs. Complete the contact form to receive our latest packet with additional detail