An extremely versatile six piece band with a vast repertoire.

Perfectly balanced in every way,

working together for the past 10 years we simply LOVE making music together and it translates to the audience every time we step on stage.

SOUL FUSION doesn’t just perform for you, we celebrate with you; while infusing a steady flow of just the right energy throughout an event.

Every event is unique, and we bring

an authentic presence to each one individually.

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Meredith Seidel and Ro Cube are quite the dynamic duo! Performing together for the past 10 years the pair often agree how when performing together, they share the same brain. They take covers from every era and genre and turn each one into an organic blend of soul, grace and effortless ease. With their highly unique style and vast repertoire they are able to take requests with pleasure. ” I never sing any one song the same way” says Meredith. Ro and I do this beautiful dance through every performance”. Catering to every audience from young corporate events to assisted living homes and every age and type of event in between, Meredith and Ro love every moment of their musical journey together…


Our fee varies depending on the time of year, day of the week and such. We also offer a built in DJ as an upgrade for those clients who want continuous music throughout their event.  Again, duo’s, trio’s, etc., can all be priced separately to fit any event budget.

Musically yours,


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