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High Energy, Style & Poise.

It’s all in the name… FUNKTION

This group of musicians ready to get you out of your seats

at any type of event, social or corporate.



Thank you guys so much! A bunch of us are looking forward to coming out and seeing you all this summer. You guys were the talk of the fair yesterday!! Highlands School cannot begin to express our gratitude!!!!! Mary Ann Fiel “Great working with you and your band. There is no question in any one’s mind you blew the Brownstone away. I will have what you’re having! See you at the next party” 

-Bruce, Paterson NJ, Dinner Dance

Oh my god- nothing better- nothing better – nothing better!!!!  Thank you for making my wedding the best ever!”

-Kelley, Wedding at Pizza Porta

My favorite band, and I see a lot of bands at the Shore – you guys are the best!!!”

-Carol, Pt Pleasant Beach Chamber of Commerce, Dinner Party

We just got back from our honeymoon and I felt compelled to write you immediately to let you know how completely blown away we were by you and your band. You guys were seriously incredible – not only did you sound amazing, but the energy and enthusiasm you had was unbelievable. You guys totally rocked our wedding and words cannot fully express how thrilled we were to have you there. You completely exceeded our expectations and, believe me, they were high! Even though our wedding was almost 3 weeks ago, we are STILL getting tons of raves about you from our guests. Many said you were by far the best band they have ever seen. Period. We will definitely HIGHLY recommend you to anyone looking for a band.  Feel free to use us as a reference. Best of luck to you in the future and thanks again!”

-Carter and Kim

Thanks again for an incredible wedding – Charles and I had such a blast! We recently got our photos back and I wanted to share a few that our photographer took of you guys. Just wanted to say you guys are absolutely the best band we have ever seen!!!!”

-Charles and Rebecca– Wedding at The Essex and Sussex, Spring Lake NJ

After seeing the Funktion play at another friend’s wedding, my then fiancée and I knew that we had to have them at our wedding. We reached out to Ken and he was essential in making our wedding dreams come to fruition. During the early stages, Ken met with us to discuss our desires for wedding entertainment. Having seen his band in action before, we had a couple of recommendations, but we left the rest to them. Ken and his team certainly delivered. Our guests had an amazing time and at least one of our guests used the Funktion at their wedding. If you’re looking for a professional approach to wonderful wedding entertainment, Ken is your guy.”

-Justin, Wedding, Princeton NJ




The corner of Main and Ward Streets in Paterson, New Jersey was transformed into a festive atmosphere of carnival rides, food booths and vendors. Stores stretching down both venues offered sidewalk sales and more. Literally, thousands of area residents filled the streets in anticipation of the Annual 4th of July Fireworks display. At center stage was the large band shell from which music had been played, a magician performed, and even Uncle Sam on stilts had danced. As the high heat and humidity continued to hover, few noticed as the final band for the evening set up. Most were preoccupied with searching for a cold drink or simply counting away the time until the pyrotechnic finale. Some that did notice more music on the way may have thought, a la, Simon Cowell, “This will be just another karaoke or cruise ship band.” Nothing could have been farther from the truth!  From the very first note, in appearance, style and sound, the Garden State’s own “The Funktion Band, literally brought the house down, or should I say –  intersection. September 14. 1968 marked the first episode of what would turn out to be one of the most iconic television shows in history. Often referred to as a “counter-culture, hippie, undercover cop show,” the series featured three, soon-to-be superstar household names-Julie, Pete, and Linc played by Peggy Lipton, Michael Cole, and Clarence Williams III. The trio soon became idols of virtually every teenager in America, not to mention many adults. The show was appropriately entitled, “The Mod Squad.” The hip threesome literally redefined the word, “cool”. Fast forward to Independence Day, 2013. The moment The Funktion Band took stage, comparison to The Mod Squad was inevitable. The only difference was the players sang, danced and sported microphones, rather than chased bad guys. Early on, The Funktion rolled the musical dice by taking a calculated risk. The bass boomed the unmistakable beat of Michael Jackson’s signature hit, “Billie Jean”. Improving on any Michael Jackson song is virtually impossible. Doing such is considered, by many, as almost sacrilegious. However, The Funktion’s version did better than just shoot par. Somehow, frowns and furrowed brows of traditionalists were not only avoided, but seemingly everyone enjoyed the rendition and were blown away. Centerpiece was female vocalist Topaza. Her counterparts were singers Elan and Chandler. A full band of trumpets, saxophone, keyboard and drums completed the harmonious scenario. Topaza immediately captivated the crowd with her magnetic stage presence. Sporting a vivacious contagious smile, she quickly conjured up an even closer comparison to Peggy Lipton. Funktion’s lead female vocalist could easily be referred to as, “the second coming of Janet Jackson”. No doubt about it. The only question remaining was soon answered. Whether taking lead or back-up, whether with alto or soprano, Ms. Topaza’s vocals seemed to fit every song occasion as well as Michael’s trademark ‘white glove’. Not to be outdone, her stage partners would also, certainly, be voted on to Hollywood. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was Chandler. The tall drink of water sported dark pants with a matching vest that was complimented by a silver metal chain that stretched from hip pocket to belt buckle. Add shoulder length hair and comparison to the quintessential 70’s mainstream rocker would have been complete. One could even imagine Blake Shelton’s chair turning around and claiming Chandler for a country prize. However, neither of the former proved most accurate. Chandler’s rich, deep vocals with amazing range and ease of movement left only one conclusion, “This man is a true soul singer.” As if walking out of a 1967 recording session with Otis Redding at Stax Records in Memphis, Chandler belted out hit after hit. Icing on the cake was provided with his amazing falsetto rendition of Prince’s “Kiss”. Last but not least, Elan seemed most natural with R&B and Soul selections. Silk shirt and slacks were complimented by a dapper cap, thus bringing on night shift visions of Marvin Gaye. Such was underscored by Elan’s lead of the Master of Motown’s smash number, “Let’s Get It On.” By now, the audience was completely in his hands. Elan then proved he could turn on his inner Rick James with several funk numbers including, “Fire” by the Ohio players. Not mentioning the choreography of Topaza, Elan, and Chandler, would definitely leave an incomplete picture. The three often swinged and swayed as if they were not only comfortable being in Paterson, but in Detroit, as well. Of particular note was the chemistry. The pair played perfectly off of each other as if by telepathic communication. No true funk band would be complete without a brass section. James and Ken with trumpets and Doug on the saxophone converged at just the right moments. Drummer was steady throughout, accentuating each and every genre played. A smooth keyboard was also a constant presence. Fitting crescendo for the evening were the beautiful fireworks and The Funktion’s universal language of “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge.

-Ed, Paterson Press July 9. 2013

The Funktion far exceeds every expectation and then some. Hailing from New Jersey and New York, this band is FUN. One of the finest and funkiest bands in the Northeast. Working together for over 5 years, the Funktion family has true chemistry that is an explosive blend ripe for a great event. The repertoire is nearly endless as the musicians that comprise this group are at the top of the entertainment industry. Performing for many of the most discerning audiences in the New York Tri-State region, it is no surprise that The Funktions’ musicians have worked and continue to work with the likes of Christina Aguilera, Josh Grobin, Stevie Wonder, Joe Cocker, John Maher, Mary J. Blige and the list is long. Whether Motown, Funk, Disco, Rock, Swing, or Current Top 40, this band has a live creative and powerful style that is both refreshing, impressive and simply unparallelled in thire ability to make the music their own with a fresh twist. It takes amazing musicianship to always sound great live regardless of the venue or audience.  The Funktion has it!


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