Since 1993, Mark has been wooing crowds up and down the east coast.

His unbelievable acrobatics mixed with his high-energy dance style ensures that your party will move at a thrilling pace. Mark is unlike any entertainer around.  He has energy flowing out every pore of his body.

Get ready to dance the night away as Mark takes you for the ride of your life!

Magic Mark on YouTube!


There was Magic in Pikesville, Magic Mark for Cammie Berman.

This is a real exciting montage. It moves fast as does Mark with plenty of smiles along the way. It was fun to see all of the magic unfold here at Ruth’s Chris in good ‘ole Pikesville where he simply rocked the Berman family for Cammie. Proof that your Madison is all you need for a great party.

– Cherry Hill, NJ

A Great DJ. A Hall of fame MC. The best dance crew. A beautiful venue. A sexy crowd. A mom with great taste.  A funky dad.  I can go on, but it would be easier if you just watch the video. If you haven’t hired a DJ yet, this shows you all of the things you should be looking for. Great music. An MC that is Genuinely Real – not some guy talking in a fake voice. A fabulous DJ crew.

Watch how they all interact with the kids & adults from start to finish.

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