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DJ Chaos is the man who has been keeping the beat for the AP3 Elite and many other WTA MCs.  He is now available for select dates as an MC!

Energy, style, poise and passion are what you can expect from this outstanding entertainer.

 Chaos has a charismatic magnetic personality that is a must when the lights are bright and the moment is huge. His quick wit and spot-on humor is something you can’t teach.

He has tons of value when breaking the ice.  He can dance, DJ, MC, tell a joke and do a little magic, yes, magic.

Chaos is a rising star in the world of social event entertainment and we are proud to be his exclusive home for bookings.

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This was my first time working with Washington Talent Agency and I could not have been more pleased.

I have had contact information for the agency for some time now and have referenced their website multiple times while planning events. For some reason or another, albeit timing or something else, I had yet to book with them.

Alas, Festivus was upon us and what better way to celebrate than with karaoke with my favorite yelpers. Only problem was, the venue was not a karaoke venue. So, I referenced Washington Talent’s site to mull through their vast selection of services so I could book a karaoke DJ with them. I was so pleased to find out the DJ had all of his own equipment including a portable tele-promoter for lyrics.  All I had to do was coordinate between the venue and the agency.  The process was so smooth and easy going.  I always received prompt responses and timely turnaround on paper work.  I was even more pleased by the talent. DJ Chaos was a fabulous DJ for karaoke. I thought he showed leadership while simultaneously blending into the spirit of the party. Honestly, if I didn’t remind him of the time, he probably would have kept us going a lot longer.  Washington Talent has a bunch of other services they offer including photography and videography. If you’re planning a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, banquet, whatever the case, they probably can provide you with great service to add that something extra to your party.


Thank you so much for DJing at our event.  We had about 500 people and Chaos and Happy Feet were totally awesome!  The kids (and parents) LOVED them.

 – Best regards, Pattie


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