GLYDE Productions

Glyde and LaylaWashington Talent Agency proudly presents

MC Glyde & Glyde Productions 

Paramount in high-energy, high-quality entertainment.


Glyde is always on the cutting edge of the latest event trends…. check out his hottest video here by clicking here.

Glyde has the hottest music out there, but that is just the beginning. The lighting, the dancers, the games and the excitement are what make Glyde one the best and most interactive MCs in the industry.

To make your Bar/Bat Mitzvah party the best it can be, Glyde works with you personally to understand exactly what you want you are looking for. What you will come up with is a fun-filled, lively party that thrills all your guests and most importantly your child.

Glyde can form the ultimate party. This includes a DJ, dancers, a lights technician, party favors, dance platforms, and plasma video montages customized to fit the theme and set the mood of your event. From a picture-perfect luncheon to a sparkling black-tie evening we can match tone.

MC Glyde brings the party to your party.

MC Glyde is not just a putting on a premeditated performance. In fact he doesn’t play the same party twice. Each show is designed around you and your family and you are as much a part of the performance as Glyde himself.

Click here to see more about GLYDE and GLYDE Proudctions or call 301.762.1800.


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