The Simcha Band.

Flagship entertainment group at WTA for more than 20 years and the #1 Bar/Bat Mitzvah band in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, D.C.!
Extraordinary elegance and style, ONYX will have the dance floor packed and your guests in high spirits. 
Bandleader, Robert Sherman, is the backbone of the band, “King of the Drums”, and has been since their first event. He’s not just an exceptional drummer, but we’ll put him up against any DJ when it comes to calling the perfect song for an event. Helping to keep the band at the top of its industry, is ONYX’s famous front line: Smitty, Ginny, Kevon & Cris. Smitty is the handsome baritone with vocal talent that carries a unique ability to mimic the greats throughout time, while still creating a performance style of his own. Ginny is polished and professional with and electric personality, and one of the top WTA voices of all time. Kevon is the fresh, exciting with a sound all of his own that make ladies adore and the kids love him. His stage presence is only rivalled by Cris’ beauty, poise and energy that her years of international singing experience has brought her.

The backline of the ONYX is anchored by David Cohen. An outstanding musician with skills that range from keys to sax, vocals to sound man, not to mention he is Washington Talent’s CFO and is always available to you when needed! Bending the strings on the guitar as well as adding an extra voice to the Front Fab 4, is the incomparable Fred Moss on guitars and vocals. The energetic and extremely talented guitarist will have you in awe of his talent and begging for more song. The talent doesn’t end there; returning to their roots, enters Rob “Fonty” who flanks David as a 2nd keyboardist to add an extra punch of sound that one can only get with dueling keys. ONYX wrote the book on combining a live band with an MC or DJ, just ask your event consultant to tell you more. The kids will be blown away by the power and energy of 4 MCs backed by 4 live musicians :-).

ONYX is truly at the top of their game in talent, style, repertoire and looks.

Your Mitzvah will be the talk of the town and something exceptional with ONYX!

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