Jack Hartzman – “His photography is absolutely top notch!”

5 Out of 5 Stars on WeddingWire.com

I have had Jack Hartzman shoot the photography and videography at two different weddings for my daughters.

Jack is a consummate professional.

He is more than just a photographer that shoots great photographs, he involves himself in the whole day. He is like a wedding consultant who puts ideas and thoughts in your head that help make sure the flow of the day goes smoothly. Many people spend a lot on a wedding planner for this purpose. Jack has so much experience with weddings that he can tell at a quick glance what makes sense, and what does not. Our family has over 65 people, and he organized group shots seamlessly and with no heartaches on timing and organization. Jack helps coordinate all functions with the band so that no good opportunity is missed on camera. He does the same with videography and even helps with getting the flowers in place in time, so all photo’s have the beauty of the one-time expense on flowers.

All that said, his photography is absolutely top notch. By far, Jack Hartzman was the constant between the two weddings we had.

I recommend his services very highly. See our recent wedding here.

I’ll even put my phone number on this recommendation because I feel that strongly about Jack.

Jon (703) 969-8921

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