“Jack and the team get Six stars out of Five!”


Pictures in the wedding books are in focus. Color is as good or better than real life. Video and sound were mixed to taste. Not just my taste but a broad range of tastes. Something for everyone. From Giddy to Grumpy and Grammy to Grungy.

Every typical and wanted photo appeared, capturing the crucial moments any acclaimed professional would produce.


Better than every other event photographer and team I have seen, and I have seen many, Jack and his team evoked the context and, especially, the “vibe” of the wedding and its celebrating participants.

Nice Surprise,

A highlight was the clever, but not overdone or jarring, setups and candids that pulled the viewer back to caress shot-after-shot, not lingering once, not twice but lingering three or more times, finding a hidden gem in each setting.

The final prints are not flip cards to fan-through in a few seconds. They are works of art to be cherished and commented-upon and and then widely shared.


Because the total package clearly pleases every category of viewer, Jack and the team get Six stars out of Five.

George Kroloff, father of the bride

Washington Talent Services used:

Jack Hartzman Photography

Black Tie – Band

LED Photo Booth w/ Glitter Background

Washington Lighting

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