“Our experience with Washington Talent and its staff.”

Subject: Carly’s Bat Mitzvah

Good afternoon Alana!

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you our thoughts on our experience with Washington Talent and its staff.

On Saturday, June 13, we celebrated the Bat Mitzvah of our daughter, Carly.  In preparation for the day, we had hired several of your employees to service various aspects of the evening celebration.  We signed contracts for MC LA and his group of dancers, DJs, and lighting technicians in addition to hiring a photographer, Yossi May, and purchasing a Green Screen package.

“Our celebration was an absolute success in part due to your company and its incredible staff of employees.”

Every aspect of the day ran seamlessly as they all coordinated with one another to ensure that everything went off without a hitch. First, let me say that I had been absolutely frantic about making sure the day was run with timely precision and all the activities that had been planned were executed with perfection as this day was the most important day of my daughter’s life and I wanted it to be perfect.

After our service ended, Yossi met us at the temple for pictures. He had thought of everything.  Having a photographer who was more of an expert then we were in our religious traditions was wonderful.  He knew what pictures we would want taken and when it was appropriate to be taken.

Later that day we celebrated the mitzvah with a party at our Country Club.  From the moment MC LA (aka Chris) arrived I began to relax.  When he entered the party room he immediately realized I was concerned as I was considering everything that could possibly go wrong.  He took one look at me, smiled, and said “Don’t worry, I got this.”  I felt like he had just saved me from drowning.  From that moment forward I was able to relax as was the rest of my family.  My daughter became a princess for the day and was treated like royalty.  Our guests were all having the time of their lives as they were entertained by the MC, DJ, and the dancers. FURTHER – your entertainers all performed the entire evening with huge smiles on their faces. We were convinced they too were having the time of their lives.

Thank you again for making our daughters special day even better than we could have possibly imagined.

Jen Rasdolsky

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