Unlimited Music Group


John Dixon Hall Jr, creator, and founder of the band MILLENNIUM has always strived for excellence, professionalism, and authenticity in his musical endeavors.  His new project, UNLIMITED MUSIC GROUP, has also added customization and uniqueness to a level that no band in the region has done before.  The goal of UMG is to be able to customize your party in a way that is unique to you and you alone!  If you want all country music, they have it!  Do you want an 80’s themed event with songs from midnight oil to Cyndi Lauper? UMG can do it!  If you just want a party with a variety of music from Motown to Bruno Mars, they can do that too! 

John’s only goal with UMG is to deliver the entertainment for your event exactly as you want it!  Please call and speak with a consultant about UNLIMITED MUSIC GROUP today!  

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