Riza Peralta

A people-first photographer, Riza Peralta has been a wedding and event photographer for more than ten years.

Riza’s compelling images have been featured in national trade magazines of the dining and travel industries. Her photo-journalistic style combines a genuine excitement about the uniqueness of people with an artist’s eye for beauty. You’ll often find her peeking backstage to capture a moment that makes everyone smile and is proud of her signature approach to Weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs and Social Galas.

Riza says she’s always been attracted to the little moments.

To me, photography is about really seeing people and finding something special in them that creates a memorable image.”

That’s probably why she focused on photographing events from the start of her career—that chance to showcase unique people and their once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Riza can’t wait to bring your event to life.

She is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University, works at Georgetown University Hospital and lives in Gaithersburg, MD.


My wife and I are very happy with the work done for our wedding. We worked with DJ Marc Wilner and our photographer was Riza Peralta. Frankly, it was just the two of us planning everything, very busy professionals who are not the party planning types, but Marc and Riza were on top of everything and coordinated very well with all of the other aspects of the ceremony and reception.

I couldn’t believe how well everything went. The ceremony was Islamic and the reception included a wide variety of mainstream American, Persian and Pakistani music. Marc did an outstanding job of keeping it flowing. From what I could see, everyone had a great time.

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