Warhol-Style Photos


This Modern Day twist on a classic Pop-Art Style brings a new level of excitement to events where quality and doing something different is paramount.

Our professional team arrives with a photography studio on location at your event. We bring a 10×10 backdrop, studio lighting, professional camera and photographer. Our photographer will capture unique images of you as an individual, as a couple or as a trio. That image gets a digital transformation by our Photoshop technician where magic happens.

In a matter of seconds, your simple portrait is transposed into a unique piece of personal art. Clients have told us that the portraits hang proudly in their homes in beautiful frames.

We suggest 11×17 canvas or water color paper using our Epson 4800 Series 8 color printers (8×10 size is also available).

Dye-sublimation printer images available in 8×10 & 5×7 sizes.


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