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Medley of Current Music – 7 Pieces

Medley featuring Horn Section – 11 Pieces

Country Music Medley – 7 Pieces

Medley of Club Music – 7 Pieces

Today’s Hits – 7 Pieces

Rock Medley - 7 Pieces

The Most Sought After Band in the Nation’s Capital!

They have an infectious energy that just can’t be matched. Whether your event is for fifty, five hundred or five thousand, MILLENNIUM is your band!

The band’s foundation starts with Founder/Manager & Multi-instrumentalists, John Hall. His efforts over the years in developing this band has culminated into the creation of the area’s most polished, entertaining musical group, which on a weekly basis perform at a level not seen in this area before. Roughly 6 years ago, John signed then American Idol finalist, Travis Tucker, as the band’s new lead singer, giving the band new dynamics with his smooth vocals and debonair looks. Now-a-days, Travis shares responsibilities in leading the band as Co-Band Leader. Along side Travis, MILLENNIUM features the vocal talents of Julie Humphries as MILLENNIUM’S lead female singer. Her vocal versatility goes unmatched in this area to say the least. Her musical range allows for her to start an event singing a sweet, sultry ballad, like an original by Adele, to belting out scorching rock vocals by Nirvana! Never forgotten is founding band member, Iggy Washington, who acts as the bands Hype-man and lead personality. There is not another entertainer in the area that can stir up a crowd the way he does it! His dancing ability, along with his presence on the microphone gives MILLENNIUM an edge that most bands just don’t have! The back line is where you find the unsung heroes of MILLENNIUM.  Bass player/keyboard bassist Chris Mortera is what every band hopes for in a bass player. Whether he’s playing his upright bass during a dinner set or funkin’ out during a dance set, Chris always over-delivers! Guitarist Zach Dupy has brought a rock style to MILLENNIUM that’s pushed the band to a whole other level! A band cant rock unless the guitarist has a passion for it…Zach surely does! There is no question though that the backbone of the rhythm section is the newest member of the band, Drummer John Thomakos. He has played with the like of Vanessa Carlton and most recently was on tour with Cirque du Soleil’s, Kooza. His skill set is rare and unreal and has breathed new life into what is already a truly amazing band. If you have your event date and are still considering live entertainment, fill out the form to the right so one of our Event Consultants can email you some information on MILLENNIUM! We highly recommend that you attend a MILLENNIUM Band Showcase. These shows fill up fast so register for a spot for you and the family today. Save $100 on MILLENNIUM when you attend one of their Band Showcases.

We invite you to watch the MILLENNIUM video and see for yourself. Remember it is all about you and your celebration! MILLENNIUM wants nothing more than to be a part of it!

If you want to really spice up your party, add the AMAZING MILLENNIUM Horns to the band. You won’t find a more energetic 11 piece band!

Thank you for watching the MILLENNIUM video. Remember it is all about you and your event! MILLENNIUM wants nothing more than to be a part of it! If you’d like to vintage video, click here to see: SWAYSoul SisterRock MedleyPOP MedleyMOTOWN MedleyLUCKYInternational MedleyFunk MedleyDance MedleyCountry Medley.

See and/or download their song list at the bottom of this page!

Click here to check Millennium’s availability for your upcoming company party or Gala or call (301) 762-1800!

Watch Millennium Live at the Band Showcase!


Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 9:18 AM
To: Travis Tucker
Subject: THANK YOU!!

Hi Travis,

Talk about a first class professional group of people! You were easy to work with and very entertaining. Leave your worries behind because the quality of music is second to none. All members of your group were top notch, very accomplished musicians and they played all styles very well. You were fun, energetic, and know what to play and when to play it to keep the party going and keep the people on the dance floor. Young and old alike were up dancing and if they couldn’t dance, they were toe tappin’ in their chairs. Our members LOVED YOU…..again! Thanks for another fun night!

Millennium ROCKS!!

Have a wonderful holiday season….. Take care!

Amy Ozias

“You kept everyone entertained and excited. I can’t wait to have your band at our next event.”
Washington College


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